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"Emma and Theo" by Cheeko

"Theo: 'You have a cat! It's not fair! Why do you have a cat?!'
Emma: 'Why is it such a big deal to you?!'"
This was for the couples/ship contest. I love it, and Cheeko is amazing. She always has something constructive to say on every page of Emma and her comic, "One Question", is one of the best written comics I've read in a very long time, which is why you should totally go read it!

Emma and Theo (again!) by lifedrawnpoorly

This was also for the couples/ship contest. Lifedrawnpoorly is a fellow musician (in fact, I believe she plays violin in addition to majoring in voice). Flutists and violinists alike have to deal with the piece Emma mentions in this comic all the freaking time. Trust me, you'd recognize it if you heard it, and you'd hate it if you had to play it at every gig EVER. Check out lifedrawnpoorly's cute and quite amusing comic, Life: Poorly Drawn!

Emma and Will (Oooh, different!) by panpanmomo

Another for the couples/ship contest. Panpanmomo is a reader from deviantart with a really cute gallery. I was glad to see a different pairing and I love how it's in character without being entirely so (on both parts).

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