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About the Comic

I've been working on Emma in my head since February 2005.
It started because I wanted to do something simple but decent. Something kind of romance/shoujo emerged.
Somewhere along the way this romance/shoujo thing turned into something a little more serious and slice of life-y.
I hope I can keep it in that direction, as I hope I can keep [ushing the art away from straightforward manga.
I don't want to be a stereotype.

About the Author/Artist

I am currently nearing the completion of my bachelor's degree in music performance, my instrument being the flute.
I have my sketchbook with me pretty much everywhere I go. This generally results in a lot of people harassing me
about why I'm not an art major. To these people, I say things like, "No," "Never," and "Dear LORD, leave me ALONE about it already."
I hope to one day be a member of a major symphony orchestra, whilst drawing comics and going to conventions on
the side. I plan on living in a box, but at least it'll be a happy box.
-J.M. aka "Miruku"

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